AlgoDAO Introduction & FAQ

AlgoDAO is a community-owned and community-driven DAO, Incubator, Launchpad, and Innovation Pool purpose-built for the Algorand network.
AlgoDAO serves as a primary market ecosystem that aids the rapid realization of Algorand’s mission to eliminate the technical barriers that hamper the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology. As Algorand eliminates the technical barriers, AlgoDAO eliminates the economic barriers by providing access to a DAO-governed incubator and primary market infrastructure that enables builders to access funding at scale.
As AlgoDAO continues to achieve its development targets to attract greater interest from institutional and private stakeholders, we are excited to share with you more details about what’s under the hood at Algorand and what you can expect as we continue to build.
We are undertaking an ambitious project to mainstream Algorand and the Web3 projects that it powers, and we encourage you to come along for the ride.

AlgoDAO is a next-generation DAO-governed incubator, primary market infrastructure, and accelerator for the Algorand ecosystem powered by the ADAO token. AlgoDAO eliminates the economic barriers to Web3 funding by providing access to a DAO-governed incubator and primary market infrastructure that enables builders to access funding at scale. AlgoDAO is made up of four distinct but complementary building blocks;

AlgoDAO Accelerator supports projects from incubation until they are ready for the market, and beyond through Incubation, Pre-money financing, and IDO rounds. As a DAO-governed accelerator, it has decentralized project-access-controls to ensure democratic access for all participants.

AlgoDAO Launchpad empowers Algorand to scale its DeFi, dApps, and Web3 applications ecosystem by discovering, enabling and supporting strong dev teams to build and launch on Algorand towards a thriving DeFi, dApps, and Web3 ecosystem.

AlgoDAO’s SIGMA pool is a special liquidity pool collectively owned by the AlgoDAO community. The SIGMA Pool has a SIGMA token model which empowers the community to access truly democratic and inclusive launchpad tokenomics. The SIGMA pool is designed to continue to grow sustainably with every pre-money round funded through AlgoDAO and from every IDO conducted through AlgoDAO Launchpad.

AlgoDAO Liquidity Engine is a liquidity-providing and market-making model with liquidity pooling capabilities aimed at creating efficient and sustainable liquidity across Algorand’s DeFi ecosystem. The liquidity engine is still in development and we will inform the community when it is live.
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